The Research Further initiative was established collaboratively by Association of Colleges and NCFE to support, drive and encourage college-centred research that can help influence policy and practice. 

This writing is tied closely to my doctoral research, and to enhancing practitioner research within the further education sector.

A selection of bits and bobs.

This writing is a muddle of short stories, micro-fiction and articles from a variety of publications like Times Education Supplement FE and Fusion Magazine.

From teaching in lockdown, to the picket lines; from the Isle of Mull to jellyfish: it's all here.

A speak aften in ma work o the cultural constraints I kent in ma education as a bairn raised amangst Scotland's traditional leids an tunes.

The inclusion o this linguistic element o ma heritage in ma scrievin feels like an important act in takkin doon oppressive structures within education an academia mair broadly.